Contract staffing, Hiring and placement services

Shelby Management has delved into Temporary/Contract staffing where customers can avail of our pool of candidates for their requirement for a specified period. The employees would be in Shelby’s rolls and we also would take care of the statutory obligations of the employees.

leadership development

There are two models of contract we  offer :

  • Contract to Hire
  • Hire – train – deploy

Benefits of C2H

  • Reduces work for your Human Resources department (we pre-screen, hire, train, provide benefits, deliver paychecks, etc.)
  • Reduces the costs of advertising for new employees, as well as the costs of recruiting, testing, screening, etc.
  • Provides costs savings related to payroll processing and benefits administration
  • Provides you with employees with relevant skills or even trained resources
  • Provides employees nationwide
  • Allows you to test an employee's technical skills and team compatibility before hiring permanently
  • Hiring candidates in bulk to meet the recruitment demands