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Soft Skills in Workplace

What makes someone a good employee and easy to work with? The answer is something known as "soft" skills. Apart from the knowledge & skills which one should have to be successful in a role, what makes a very few winners , high achievers and few other performers at a large work force , where they are struggling to keep pace with the JOB requirement is clearly the ATTITUDE.

Our personal qualities, habits, and attitudes influence how we interact and work with others, influencing them to raise the bar of achievement and collectively win as a team. Companies value soft skills because they are often linked to job performance and career success. Soft skills may mean the difference between who can do the job and who actually gets the job.

Shelby’s Methodology

In our trainings, we maximize knowledge assimilation in the participants through combination of execution elements like case discussions, exercises, simulated games and activities, video led sessions and discussions on global best practices. The approach of the training would be based on a Theme with associated skills embedded to facilitate interactive learning. At the end of each training we facilitate the participants to distill Key Learning and prepare Action Plans to deliver solid results for our clients.

Soft Skills And Leadership Development Programs

Soft skills are individual characteristics that define how efficiently and productively we all communicate and interact with others. The significance of soft skills development is simple to recite and that comes as a benefit for being resilient in the corporates. To seamlessly integrate new methods of learning initiatives at the workplace, learning and development teams can develop on boarding programs, executive programs, leadership programs and also outbound programs that focus on the soft skills and behavioral transformation deemed necessary to thrive within the organization.

  • Assimilate into a new workplace culture
  • Work with team members assertively and diplomatically
  • Process feedback
  • Approach supervisors for coaching and mentoring



Shelby Global help to identify hidden talents and skills of the individual with goal-oriented practical training and development programs that stimulates productive behaviors and increase individual and organizational productivity.





Shelby Management Solutions offers complete outsourced L&D solutions for the entire company. We take a holistic and consultative approach, and invest time and effort in partnering with clients to discover training indicators and needs. Our programs are immersive and we strive to involve participants in the agenda that is set for the training through the use of

  • Detailed pre & post training assessments.
  • Coursework
  • Engaging Case-lets / Role plays / Experiential Activities
  • Periodic post training interventions and triggers



Skills needed by almost all employees. It's hard to overestimate the importance of these skills. Writing, for example, is a basic skill that can get you into (or keep you out of) a good job.

  • Learning new things Listening Math Reading Science Speaking Thinking critically


Sometimes called soft skills, these are among the most sought-after and marketable skills. These skills enable people to work easily and effectively with others in the workplace.

  • Being aware of coordination with others Helping others in achieving their goals and organizational goals, Negotiating Persuading , lifting others to win


Not just for managers anymore. If one can organize projects, money, and time, he’ll be a more valuable member of any team.

  • Managing money Managing people Managing things Managing time & conflicts


Can one understand how parts and wholes work together? For example, can one predict what would happen to his organization if a particular employee left? OR How a new tax law might affect prices at the grocery store? How the organization should evolve to the ever changing customer needs

  • Evaluating a system or organization Understanding a system or organization Making decisions


Almost all jobs today require some comfort with equipment and technology. Computers are common and there is some expectation — from entry level to advanced positions — that employees should know how to use computer software and technology... ERP was a BUZZWORD a few years back not any more SAP, VISIBILITY 6, BAAN, SAS etc. have become household names….

  • Choosing equipment or tools, Repairing Troubleshooting Controlling quality Designing equipment or technology Installing ,Maintaining, Monitoring, Operating, and programming computers


  • On boarding programs
  • Executive programs
  • Leadership Boot-camps
  • Outbound programs that focus on the soft skills and behavioural transformation
  • Theatre based programs
  • Customised in-house Human Resource Certifications in association with our Business Partner – Middle Earth HR Pvt Ltd