Talent is King:  The importance of Better Employee Life Cycle

Understanding the employee’s life cycle is key to improve the participation of employees in your workplace. It is that journey with different lengths that an employee goes through during their interaction in your organization.

When you look up for Employee Life Cycle on web, you come across the similarity of images whereby the lifecycle of employee is viewed from the eyes of HR and not that of an employee. Terms such as attraction, recruitment, development, retention and transition are derived from internal HR process. Mapping these processes on a life cycle would not bring innovation into your HR approach and neither does it create synergy for your employee. At this moment instead of thinking holistically from employee’s perspective and discovering new possibilities you would start fiddling too much from existing processes.

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 In the employee lifecycle each phase can be an important switch impacting both culture and performance. Considering a constructive feedback at every important breakthrough paves way for organisations to understand how they are supporting their employees to be efficacious, and where they need to do more.

Consider Onboarding experience for instance. This moment is a critical stage in inducting new employees into the culture of the organization and is an opportunity to introduce them to the people, tools and experiences that will help them be successful. It helps new starters reach their full potential faster when things are done well and retains them at the company for longer. On the other hand, an ineffectual onboarding process can hold individuals back, so it takes a lot longer for them to start making a real contribution to the business.  

That’s why at Shelby Management Solutions we work with an Employee Life Cycle that slightly looks different in terms of expression. The whole idea is to put people back at the centre of policy and get away from the process approach of HR. Shelby’s onboarding trainings is more scientific and measurable.

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Innovation is the Key! It’s time to focus at HR from a different perspective. The perspective of the employee. This new focus of employee experience that uses employee data to manage the employee’s life cycle and improve experiences is a big game changer and requires new skills.

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