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Shelby Global is the top Recruitment Consultancy in Vietnam. We provide all services related to Headhunting, Training, and HR Consulting. We have innovative Recruitment Solutions that can help your company with an end-to-end HR service. As Vietnam’s top recruitment experts, we provide high-impact solutions to businesses to enhance their workforce management and staffing methods. Shelby’s services helps businesses succeed in a fast-paced environment with the best employees for the job. Whether your need is permanent hiring, or contract hiring – we are here to support. Shelby Global understands the growing needs of the business sector. We have a good talent acquisition system and a team who can help you make the right choice when selecting a candidate. Our recruitment consultants in Vietnam fully understand the needs of an organization before recommending a candidate to them. This ensures that every hire is always a perfect match for your organization.


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Recruitments / Headhunt Services

Shelby Global is the fastest growing Recruitment Consultants & Talent Acquisition Specialists Vietnam. Our core strength is our Systematic and Procedural Recruitment Process which makes us stand out as Talent Acquisition Specialists. Our team consists of dynamic young Talent Acquisition Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Specialists who are passionate about people. Our highly competent specialists speak the same language as our clients. Our team enjoys complete encouragement and guidance from highly experienced HR leaders who mentors Shelby leads hiring for our clients with confidence. This makes our process impactful bring the customer relationship to its peak.

Contract-2-Hire / Staffing Services

Contract-2-Hire is a hybrid of temporary and permanent hiring. A company hires a recruitment consultant for a specific time period and then decides at the end of the contract whether to hire the contractor. This process offers benefits to both the employer and consultant. Such employees would be Shelby’s representatives whose payroll responsibility lies with us. Shelby is a fair and reliable organization for efficient Hiring and Placement Services.

Skill Develppment / Training Services

Soft skills are individual characteristics that define how efficiently and productively we all communicate and interact with others. The significance of soft skills development is simple to recite and that comes as a benefit for being resilient in the corporates. To seamlessly integrate new methods of learning initiatives at the workplace, Shelby Global designs and develops Onboarding Programs, Executive Programs, Leadership Programs and also Outbound Programs that focus on the Soft Skills and Behavioral Transformation deemed necessary to thrive within the organization.

HR Consulting

Shelby Management Solutions offers complete outsourced L&D solutions for the entire company. We take a holistic and consultative approach, and invest time and effort in partnering with clients to discover training indicators and needs. In our Soft Skills we follow the FEEL (Fusion of Experiential and Experimental Learning) Method which are immersive and we strive to involve participants in the agenda that is set for the training through the use of detailed pre-training assessments and coursework, and engaging, timely post online/ offline training interventions and triggers.


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Shelby has worked with 25+ verticals that includes : Agri Commodities, Logistics, Advertising and Media, Market Research, Textile and Apparels, Automobiles, Renewable Energy, Building Materials, Hotel Management are a few to mention.

Information Technology

Information technology Recruitment & Training, design, development, implementation, support/management of computer-based information systems—particularly software applications & computer hardware, computer scientists, computer engineers, systems analysts & computer programmers.

Banking & Financial Services

When you look for professionals for your banking & financial services, we have the right people for the job. All our selects are trained in handling finances at a quick pace, and an aptitude to ensure fiscal health.

Healthcare / Pharmaceutical

With the booming healthcare/pharmaceutical industry, it becomes hard to choose the right professionals for the job. Many of our recruitment experts have a background in healthcare, and will understand your needs well.

Education & Training

Shelby Global is proud to provide quality educators and trainers to the growing education & training sector in India & Vietnam. We find talented individuals with a knack for explaining things well.

Engineering & Manufacturing

Since a majority of jobs today are centered around the engineering & manufacturing sector, we search for the best individuals in the field to provide the workforce with its driving-force.

Construction and Infrastructure

The Construction industry can rely on us to provide the best architects, designers, and operators. We select individuals who can think outside the box and provide you with the creative marvels you’ve been waiting for.


What Makes Shelby Global The Best Headhunters in Vietnam

Shelby Global knows the value of experience when it comes to helping businesses. With over 150 satisfied clients, we are experienced in delivering the best HR solution and Headhunt Services to businesses. Since 2012, we have provided businesses with excellent talents with each hiring. As HR Consultants, we pride ourselves in bringing together the most qualified candidates and dignified firms. Our talent acquisition process has stood the test of time and our recruitment consultants are experts at identifying and shaping up worthy candidates.


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